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The neuronet is a ready to use deep learning software. User-friendly, browser-based GUI allows to build artificial neural network models easily. It is designed by Engineer for Engineers. Trained models are then used in real time production environments.

There are many uses of deep learning in oil and gas in general, and in production measurement in particular:

* Virtual flow metering

* Virtual sensing

* Anomaly detection

* Any linear, non-linear data driven regression task

* Support physics driven models

The module allows to easily train deep learning models. It is possible to have separate projects for specific tasks. Each project can contain several data sets.

Uploaded training data set is used to automatically tune deep learning models. It is possible to test as many hyperparameters as it is required.

Trained models are tested with separate validation data set. If the model passes test criteria in terms of accuracy the model is saved and deployed in real time.