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Who we are
We specialize in hydrocarbon production measurement and allocation

We are team of professionals in software development and petroleum engineering domains, who has set its mission to develop solutions for various industries. One of the industries which is experiencing fast digitalization and change in business conduct, is oil and gas.

The industry has lots of challenges, some are already being resolved with conventional methods and tools, however, there are other sets of challenges which can only be addressed with “different” (say “unconventional”) approaches. We, as dereknet, want to make an impact on industry by developing “different” and unique solutions.

The very first problem we solved is virtual flow metering. The problem oil and gas operators face is lack of production measurement at the wellhead. Most of the time there are only periodic measurements with frequency less than recommended practices. The main reason for this issue is distance between wells, cost of the measurement equipment and maintenance issues. We provide solution for this problem by use of data driven models to build virtual flow meters. NeuroNet allows to build such models and implement in real time environment. With this solution operators will have virtual measurements even if the hardware is out of service and there is no physical measurement. The solution not only impacts production metering, but also activities planning, because the maintenance can be done based on opportunity without disrupting the schedule.

Salamat Kabdulov


Adilbek Mursaliyev


Samat Aytmagambetov


Second challenge we targeted is overall production measurement and hydrocarbon allocation management, for which we present DerekSuite.

With DerekSuite operators can manage their production measurement and allocation processes from one place and respond to mismeasurement events as quickly as possible. The suite allows to configure measurement streams and processing nodes for mass balance and data reconciliation. Mismeasurements are detected based on combined uncertainties of each stream and gross error detection technique. Calculations are performed in real time using international standards. The reconciled and verified data is then stored in archive and used for reporting, monitoring, optimization, reservoir management, etc. So far, we have created a state-of-the-art measurement management suite that offers oil and gas operating companies the opportunity of seamlessly connecting whole chain of production measurement and accounting management in real-time, from pore to sales point.

What we do?
We specialize in hydrocarbon production measurement and allocation/accounting and want to bring power of big advancements in big tech in solving the production measurement related tasks.

We believe that software shouldn’t be heavy, complex and user unfriendly to prove that it is “smart”. Alternative solutions we provide can instead be described by terms: “easy”, “intuitive” and “user friendly”.

We provide seamless automation for the whole cycle of production measurement calculations starting from the wells and ending by transportation of hydrocarbon products. All these in real time environment.