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FluidsNet is an application for fluids properties calculations. Easy to use application is designed for metering engineers, metering technicians and other specialists who need fluids properties in their day-to-day tasks.

The following international and regional standards are implemented: AGA-8, API MPMS Chapter 11 Section 1, ISO 6976, ГОСТ 30319.2, ГОСТ 30319.3 and Р 50.2.076.

AGA-8 is used for calculation of compressibility factor, density at standard and line conditions. The inputs are line pressure and line temperature, as well as full composition of gas. The standard is selected as basis for hydrocarbon gas properties calculations because it is considered as de facto standard for fiscal metering systems. ГОСТ 30319.2 and ГОСТ 30319.3 are equivalent standards used in CIS countries.

For stabilized hydrocarbon liquids properties calculations API MPMS 11.1 is used. The standard allows to calculate density of hydrocarbon liquid at given pressure and temperature. This standard is only method used for fiscal metering systems. Р 50.2.076 is equivalent standard used in CIS countries.

ISO 6976 is used to calculated hydrocarbon mixture gas properties at standard condition, such as Compressibility Factor, Compressibility of Air, Standard Density, Relative Density, Superior Calorific Value, Inferior Calorific Value, Gross Wobbe Index, Net Wobbe Index.

For non-standard fluids, such as multiphase, LPG, gas condensate, etc. cubic EoS is implemented which is described next section.

For static volume of stable hydrocarbon liquid and light hydrocarbon liquid in storage vessels, the following methods are used:

  • TVCL-API – to calculate volume of stable hydrocarbon liquids in storage tanks. The algorithm considers pressure and temperature corrections from API MPMS Chapter 11 Section 1.
  • TVCL-PVT – to calculate volume of light hydrocarbon liquids in storage vessels under pressure, such as LPG, LNG, gas condensate. The algorithm considers pressure and temperature corrections based on PR EoS.

FluidsNet can be used as standalone tool for static calculations and as dynamic application for MassBalance as well.

PVT Calculations

Submodule “PVT Calculation” consists of calculation methods which are used for fluids outside of conditions set by international and regional standards.

For simple hydrocarbon liquids and gases Black Oil Module is used. It accepts fluid properties at stock tank conditions as inputs, which are usually available for engineers in any field. The module then calculates fluid properties at any given condition (pressure and temperature).

For other hydrocarbon fluids the Peng-Robinson Original cubic equation of state module is used. The module allows to calculate fluids properties of liquid and vapor phases at given pressure and temperature. The method requires composition of the fluid up to C₂₁H₄₄ and one Pseudo component for lump summed heavy component (C22+).  The algorithm takes into account binary interaction between components in order to accurately predict phase equilibria.

These modules are also connected to MassBalance module.